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Wellness Programming


Wellness events help your community, employees or clients to improve connection and increase general wellbeing.




I participated in a Liz Coaches "Workplace Wellness" seminar at my office. It was really great! Liz took us through some easy-to-implement and super effective techniques for reducing stress at work. It was a nice bonding experience for coworkers in addition to an educational seminar.

- Nancy Donoghue


Liz provides a warm, caring and nurturing opportunity for coaching, mindfulness and meditation that involves meaningful conversations, support and actionable next steps. Liz helps you recognize your own strength and power with active self-discovery and reassurance in a completely safe and nurturing environment.

- Randi Braderman


I had an amazing experience with Liz! Her insights made me recognize the significance of simple, small steps in promoting well-being. In just an hour-long session, she helped me realize that I tend to hold my breath frequently throughout the day, and simply releasing it has made a significant difference in how I navigate my days. Liz is not only highly credible but also incredibly approachable, armed with a plethora of effective coaching tools. I highly recommend her!

- Pelin Cebi



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Meditation :

Online or in-person guided mindfulness practice.

  • Learn breathing and concentration practices to increase focus. 

Yoga :

Guided mat or chair yoga for beginners to advanced.

  • Moving with the breath in yoga can create a more joyful workforce.

Reiki :

Non-invasive healing gentle touch therapy.

  • Relaxing in a session aligns and balances the body's energy.

Group Coaching :

Group experiences to explore values and commonalities.

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your team.

Resiliency Training :

Workshops and Presentations to increase resiliency.


  • Enhance health behaviors with gratitude, kindness, resilience and positive mindset​.

Investment is specific to the size of your group and if the event is online or in-person

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