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Health and Wellness Coaching
for Individuals and Workplaces

Liz Frydman, Owner of Liz Coaches

Hi! I’m Liz and I’m a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach who helps busy professionals and organizations. With simple, effective strategies to quiet the noise, my clients are able to focus on what matters most to them and go after it with renewed energy and confidence.

Some call it health and wellness coaching, integrative wellness coaching, or holistic coaching. Some just call me their life coach. No matter what you call it, I love what I do. Helping others to realize their potential is my superpower.

Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach


1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching

Liz Frydman, owner of Liz Coaches, in a 1:1 health and wellness coaching session with a client

Do you feel overstretched and overwhelmed? Let’s work together to reboot your holistic health and wellness so you can live the life you want.

Corporate Health and Wellness Workshops

Liz Frydman, owner of Liz Coaches, leading a workplace health and wellness coaching session.

Do your employees feel stressed and burnt out? My corporate wellness education programs help employees find the balance and focus they need to feel and perform their best.

Past Clients & Partnerships

Liz Frydman, Integrative Wellness Coach and owner of Liz Coaches, offers a virtual pain reduction class for the Wounded Warrior Project
Liz Frydman, Wellbeing Coach and owner of Liz Coaches, offers support to front line workers at New York Presbyterian Hospital
Liz Frydman, Yoga Instructor offers yoga class for Macys employees in New York City
Liz Frydman offers workplace wellness presentations and wellness walks for Your Third Base in Maplewood NJ
Liz Gluckstern offres reiki energy work and yoga for weight watchers wellness week
Liz Frydman plans SOMA Chamber of Commerce Health and Wellness EXPO
Liz Frydman, owner of Liz Coaches, offers yoga for Shawmut Safety Week in Midtown Manhattan
Liz Frydman offers mindfulness meditation classes and yoga at Christian Dior Couture at LVMH in New York City
Liz Frydman offers Seton Hall University an in-person self-care and stress reduction workshop
Liz Frydman teaches yoga at Sweaty Betty New York in Soho.
Liz Frydman offers nureses, doctors and healthcare staff wellness programs to reduce anxiety and stress at Columbia University Medical Center
Liz Frydman offers a self-care session with movement, mindfulness and gratitude in Chatham NJ
Liz Coaches partnes with South Orange Chiropractic and Mark Roczey for a self-care and stress reduction workshop in South Orange NJ
Liz Coaches teaches the legacy of you community - Michael Ian Cedar, mindfulness meditation.
Liz Frydman volunteers with Project Happy at Hunter College to teach adults with developmental disorders yoga and chair yoga
Liz Frydman teaches non-verbal adults yoga at Services for the underserved
Liz Frydman teaches kids yoga at Success Academy in Hells Kitchen New York
Liz Frydman, Owner of Liz Coaches, teaches sound healing, singing bowls and yoga at Athleta in Flatiron New York City
Liz Frydman offers online an in-person yoga classes to the University of Maryland Alumni Committe.
Liz Frydman teaches vinyasa yoga at Lululemon in New York City Meatpacking District

Before I met with Liz I was struggling to organize my time outside of work which was causing me to have poor sleep habits. I would tell myself "I'm going to work on XYZ this week" and then it just wouldn't get done.


Liz taught me how to reframe my goals. I realized her approach was working when I met my goals every single week in a row! Now I go to bed much earlier and as a bonus, I wake up much earlier. I feel a million times more organized about my life and my time.

- Shelby Norman, Owner of Suda Interiors

I had an amazing experience with Liz at a wellness workshop! Her insights made me recognize the significance of simple, small steps in promoting well-being. In just an hour-long session, she helped me realize that I tend to hold my breath frequently throughout the day, and simply releasing it has made a significant difference in how I navigate my days.


Liz is not only highly credible but also incredibly approachable, armed with a plethora of effective coaching tools.

-Pelin Cebi, Global Senior Manager, Head of Learning Partnership at Spotify

Liz's calm guiding approach makes one who has previously experienced barriers to meditation feel relaxed and think this is easy to incorporate into a routine. Her practice is enjoyable and informative as she shares interesting facts about breath, the body, and the positive impacts of meditation.

-Melanie Yuill, Marketing Manager, Guardian Life 


1585 Springfield Ave, Suite 2
Maplewood NJ, 07040

973 381 9001

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