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Mindfulness Meditation Class

If you've been struggling to find a consistent meditation practice that helps you navigate life's challenges, my monthly classes are designed to cater to both beginners and experienced meditators. Simply RSVP to class to learn simple and effective relaxation exercises.

Upcoming 20-minute classes include :

Saturday May 18th, 10 AM EST
Saturday June 15th, 10 AM EST

Saturday July 13th, 10 AM EST

To best prepare for a relaxing meditation, please

  1. Choose a comfortable and safe room that is free of distractions.

  2. Arrive 5 minutes early to settle.

  3. Turn your camera on. We want to see your face!

  4. Have a glass of water and tissue close by for self-care.

To begin meditating today :

Consider subscribing to my podcast Liz Teaches Meditation on Apple or Spotify. My meditation 101 series is great for beginners!

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